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If My Investments Could Talk, Here’s What They’d Say To Me Thumbnail

If My Investments Could Talk, Here’s What They’d Say To Me

1. I am well rounded and diversified.
 I’m a liberal arts major. I’m conversant in a variety of subjects which is great since you never know what the hot topic of the day will be.

2. You won’t always be talking about me but you’ll always be very comfortable with me.
 I don’t need to be fawned over, but I do need to know that we’re in this together.

3. I will carry on through the highs and the lows.
 I know there will be some great times and some terrible times and I’ll just keep rolling as long as you let me.

4. I won’t be compared to the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
 I’m different than them so I can only be expected to behave differently.  I do share some characteristics and behaviors with them but we are not the same investments.

5. You will not constantly trade me out for new investments.
 You took some time to find me.  Returns were not a big determinant in my selection. I was picked for other reasons.  If those reasons haven’t changed then you better have a really good reason for getting rid of me.

6. I may not always act like I did in the past.
 I’m not programmed to repeat my performance of last year.  In fact, my memory isn’t very good so I don’t really remember what I even did last year.

7. You will have realistic expectations of me.
 I can only do so much. Let’s not bank on double digit returns. Planning on mid-single digits is prudent.

8. I will not always be able to explain my behavior.
 Sorry, but sometimes I will act irrationally. Sometimes my actions will be completely random.  I hope that you will come to accept this characteristic of mine.

9. I will always play second fiddle to your financial plan.
 I know my role.  I’m going to do my best to help you live your best life possible.

10. You will give me a long time to prove myself.
 I don’t want to be judged tomorrow or next month or next year as to how I’m doing.  How about we check back in 5 or 10 years from now?

11. Time is on our side.
 The longer we stick together, the greater the likelihood that things will work out between us.

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