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The Woodward Financial Advisors Blog

The Relationship Between Time & Intensity Thumbnail

The Relationship Between Time & Intensity

As a Financial Advisor, I cannot help but see the significant parallels between the consistent habits we need to maintain (or achieve) good health and those that help us be more successful in the pursuit of our various financial goals. We all seem to know what to do at a high level: save more, spend less, invest smartly, eat healthier foods, work out. What I find isn't always recognized is the relationship between the time and intensity of these actions.

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Summer Recap 2021: What The WFA Team Was Up To This Summer Thumbnail

Summer Recap 2021: What The WFA Team Was Up To This Summer

The air is cooler, the leaves are crisper, and pumpkins are absolutely everywhere. It’s officially Fall, so we figured we’d reflect back on all that the WFA team was up to this past summer! From a trip to a dude ranch, to reuniting with family members, to awesome hikes with beautiful views, the WFA team had a lot of fun this summer. While we usually write about financial planning and investment-related topics, we thought it would be fun to share what we were all up to outside of the office.

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Woodward as Your Financial Sherpa Thumbnail

Woodward as Your Financial Sherpa

We’ve seen the rough parts of the mountain. We’ve witnessed the stories and led many expeditions. Our advisory team is a community of Sherpas, and we share stories about different client situations to increase our knowledge base and ultimately our clients’ future success. We’ll put all that we’ve collectively learned to use for you.

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