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The Woodward Financial Advisors Blog

Disjointed Reality - The Economy vs. The Markets Thumbnail

Disjointed Reality - The Economy vs. The Markets

These days, reading a newspaper feels like looking into some alternate reality where things make very little sense. When you take rising COVID-19 cases with a level of social unrest we haven’t seen for half a century, and top if off with shockingly bad economic news, you get a pretty universally ugly picture. Although we’ve never had an economic and public health crisis exactly like this, it doesn’t mean we can’t look to history to help us answer a few key questions.

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Elections and Markets Thumbnail

Elections and Markets

To be clear, we don’t expect folks to react indifferently to the political and ideological roller coaster that is an election year. We simply caution letting those viewpoints infiltrate your investment decision-making process. Time has shown this to be a losing strategy.

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The FOMO JOMO Portfolio Nexus Thumbnail

The FOMO JOMO Portfolio Nexus

As investors, we want to have our cake and eat it, too: we ideally only want gains and would like to avoid all decreases in value. How great it would be to have a portfolio that could simultaneously accomplish both things? Sadly, we know that’s impossible. A better tactic would be to spend some time trying to find our own personal FOMO-JOMO nexus point.

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Summer Recap Thumbnail

Summer Recap

You’re never too old to share what you did over the summer, be it a trip to a dude ranch, international travel, taking your first-born on college visits, or welcoming new members into your family (both humans and animals). While we usually write about financial planning and investment-related topics, we thought it would be fun to share a little bit about what we were all up to outside of the office. Read on to learn about our 2019 summer adventures!

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Financial Hurricanes Thumbnail

Financial Hurricanes

Until Hurricanes Florence and Michael last year, my family hadn’t truly experienced huge and destructive storms. As we approach the one-year anniversaries of both storms – and as we keep those impacted by this year’s Hurricane Dorian in our thoughts – it’s helpful to think about any potential lessons or insights we can take from our storm experience and apply to our financial lives.

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