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Working with an advisor means the difference between what is and what could be

            The WFA Value Advantage

Studies show that working with an advisor can add up to 3% to returns over time, which we call our value advantage. One way we do so is by working in a comprehensive manner and advising on all areas of your financial picture, not just your investments.

We also strive to make investing easier by serving as a sounding board when markets are volatile. We’re just a phone call away to talk through the implications and why it’s best to stay invested.

Lastly, our investment process centers around lowering costs that directly impact returns. We use low-cost, diversified investment strategies so that we can achieve our desired allocation efficiently. We only trade when necessary and always keep an eye towards minimizing taxes.

Managing money is just the foundation of our relationship. Over time, we will build upon this foundation to help you achieve your unique goals, like achieving financial independence, funding college, and charitable giving to name a few.  

As we make progress together, our hope is that you will find peace of mind that will allow you to spend your time doing the things most important to you, leading to a more fulfilled life. This is the value that truly matters.


Let's Talk


Let's Talk