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WFA In the News

Here are some articles where WFA team members have shared their insights with writers and reporters at major news outlets across the country: 

In the December 9, 2019 issue of the Wall Street Journal, Jim Miller, president of Woodward Financial Advisors, discusses both the reasoning and challenges of naming co-executors in a will (subscription required).

5 Things to Look For When Hiring a Financial Planner (Authority Magazine; November 7, 2019) Ben Birken talks about his journey into financial planning as a career and gives potential clients a list of five things they should consider when hiring an advisor.

Financial Advisor Magazine named Woodward Financial Advisors a top  500 independent advisory firm in the country, for the 10th year in a row!

The Financial Times named Woodward Financial Advisors as one of the top 300 US registered investment advisers in 2019!

Game Plan: A Single Mother Seeks to Shore Up Her Finances (Wall Street Journal; June 16, 2019) Jim Miller, president of Woodward Financial Advisors provides some advice to a single mom who has experienced a change in her financial picture and now has questions about what to do next to start saving for retirement. 

Best & Worst Places to Retire (WalletHub; August 14, 2018) Jim Miller, president of Woodward Financial Advisors, talks about some of the financial factors that retirees should consider when deciding to retire, the biggest mistake that people make when planning their retirements, and suggestions about life expectancy assumptions.

How to Avoid Investment Shock (US News and World Report; July 23, 2018): "Most folks think that anything that happens inside of IRAs isn't taxable. While that's mostly true, certain investments throw off a type of income that does end up causing tax headaches," says Ben Birken, a planner at Woodward Financial Advisors in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. "This is called unrelated business taxable income (UBTI), and it's most often associated with income from master limited partnerships."

Critical Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor -- Before You Hire One (TheStreet.com; September 25, 2017): "Clients should know about any commissions or kickbacks an advisor receives based on the products they recommend," says Ben Birken, a money manager at Woodward Financial Advisors, Inc., in Chapel Hill, N.C. "People should always know how their advisor is paid, as well as how objective he or she might be about potential recommendations."

The Stock Market Is Soaring. Here's How to Cash In on Your Gains Without Paying Taxes (Money Magazine; July 7, 2017): “For example, if a couple’s sole income is from long-term gains, they can effectively realize $96,700 of gains and pay nothing in federal income taxes because their standard deduction and personal exemptions would land them at the top of the 15% bracket for married couples, says Chapel Hill, N.C., financial planner Ben Birken.

Trump Tax Cut: Converting an IRA or 401(k) (US News & World Report; May 8, 2017): "The downside of waiting on a Roth conversion in anticipation of a tax cut that doesn't materialize is less time for dollars to live in a tax-free account," says Ben Birken, a financial advisor at Woodward Financial Advisors in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

How to Work with the Adult Children of Clients (Wall Street Journal; February 2, 2017) Jim Miller, president of Woodward Financial Advisors, spoke to Kim Eckart of the Wall Street Journal about how to work with adult children of clients.

Why Investors Shouldn’t Be Greedy (US News & World Report; August 1, 2016): "Investors can't control the returns they receive or what the market provides," says advisor Ben Birken of Woodward Financial Advisors in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. "But they can control how much they save and how much they spend. Rather than relying on the market to hopefully deliver something, investors would be better off focusing on the things they can control."

Should We Buy Life Insurance on Our Son-in-Law to Protect Our Daughter? (Money Magazine; January 29, 2016): “Alternatively, you could own the policy on your son-in-law’s life and name yourself as the beneficiary. But then you would still have to gift the benefit money to your daughter, and doing so would likely create a taxable gift, says Chapel Hill, N.C., financial planner Ben Birken.”