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The Woodward Financial Advisors Blog

What I See When I Watch Basketball Thumbnail

What I See When I Watch Basketball

There are many reasons to love spring - the temperatures are warming, the flowers are blooming, and the daylight is getting a bit longer each day. Oh yeah, and college basketball's March Madness is in full display (especially here in Woodward's home office on Tobacco Road where the Triangle area of North Carolina has three teams still competing in the Sweet 16)! Speaking of basketball, we think you'll enjoy this timely piece by the CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors, David Booth, as he talks about what drives the stock market, using March Madness as the backdrop.

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3 Common Investing Mistakes Thumbnail

3 Common Investing Mistakes

Many people start out managing their own investments. But as their earnings and assets grow, their financial needs and challenges become more complex—and continuing to go it alone could prove costly in terms of investing miscues. Consider three common mistakes that can reduce returns and increase anxiety ...

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The 2024 Presidential Election and the Stock Market Thumbnail

The 2024 Presidential Election and the Stock Market

When faced with uncertainty, we understand the natural human reaction to worry. An example of uncertainty in 2024 is the upcoming Presidential election. Our political elections in the U.S. have become very polarizing, with each side thinking that if the other party wins then our country (and economy and stock market and you name it…) will crumble. So, is that a reason to worry?

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New Year, Same Discipline. Thumbnail

New Year, Same Discipline.

As we start this new calendar year, for many it’s the time for resolutions, predictions, and all sorts of other January traditions. There are those resolutions that we can all agree seem like good ideas – exercise more, eat healthier, go to bed earlier, read more books, etc. You know the drill. And then there are the predictions that may seem like fun, and even bring out one’s competitive spirit, but at the end of the day just really don’t matter.

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Are Women Better Investors? Thumbnail

Are Women Better Investors?

When I began my financial planning degree program in 1996, it really didn’t occur to me that I was entering a male-dominated profession. My mother had always been the leader in financial decision-making in our family, which didn’t seem unusual to me at all. Through her, I learned the value of a dollar and the value of giving back. Almost three decades later, it is now the norm for women to direct their own as well as their family’s finances. In fact, two separate studies show that women’s investment returns were .4%1 to 1%2 higher annually than their male counterparts. They suggest the main reasons for women outperforming men with regard to investment returns boil down to “overconfidence” and “overactivity.

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