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Sandy was a successful professional nearing retirement who was unsure about this next phase of her life.  She had spent the last four decades working and building her career and was the primary breadwinner of the family.  Having saved a substantial amount for retirement, she was financially ready to retire but not quite there mentally or emotionally. For Sandy, it was stressful to think about taking the leap into retirement.

We met with Sandy and Jay and talked about how retirement is both a financial and an emotional transition.  We talked about their hobbies, trips they’d like to take, and life outside of work.  Sandy ended up reducing her hours and slowly transitioning to retirement on a timetable that was comfortable for her.  We were by her side during this important transition, helping with non-financial and financial matters alike.  We did “run the numbers” as part of their retirement analysis and were able to give them the financial peace of mind that they were looking for.

We’ve been able to help Sandy and Jay with an assortment of financial matters over the years – inheritances, Social Security claiming strategies, Roth IRA conversions and cost basis analysis to name a few.  But more than that, we’ve developed a trusted partner relationship.

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