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On Her Own

We met Jane as she was starting the process of retiring to her house on the beach.  But she wanted to make sure that her finances would allow it and that she could do the spending she wanted to do in the decades ahead, particularly on travel which is one of her passions.

Jane is also a divorcee, and she asked us to review her separation agreement to make sure that any money-related items were being incorporated into her overall financial picture.  During our review, we identified ex-spousal Social Security benefits she would be eligible for because she had been married for at least 10 years prior to her divorce.

One of Jane’s objectives was to set up a monthly cash flow system, but she wasn’t sure how much to draw or from which of her accounts she should draw from.  We created a financial plan for Jane, which we call a Financial Independence Analysis.  It serves as her retirement plan and her budget and her bucket list.

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