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Financial Independence

When Martha and John first joined Woodward Financial Advisors, they had a lot financial questions:

  • Will John be able to retire from UNC-Chapel Hill this year, as he planned?
  • How can we best help our kids who are just starting out in their careers?
  • Do we have the right investments?
  • Is there anything else that we’re missing when it comes to our finances?

We started by doing what we always do – we listened.  They shared their concerns and aspirations, and together, we developed their financial goals.  We talked about trade-offs, helped them prioritize, and recommended specific steps to get them on the road to financial security.

When it came to investments, Martha and John had a lot of accounts, but no real strategy.  We developed an overarching strategy and implemented an investment portfolio that matched their risk level. 

Finally, we built a true financial plan for them which we monitor on a periodic basis to ensure that they’re on track for the retirement lifestyle they’ve saved for.

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