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Our Wealth Management Services are grounded in investment management and financial planning, principles that are inseparable and interdependent. All the components of your family’s financial life should work together to reach your goals – and achieve peace of mind.

Investment Management
We believe in a disciplined, academically tested and validated method of investing that is based on the science of capital markets.   Our job is to translate the best of financial science into practical solutions and provide investment management that is focused on meeting your goals.

Our Investment Management is guided by our investment philosophy, which is based on the following principles:
Match investment time horizon with goals
Identify appropriate asset allocation
Reduce risk and enhance return through diversification
Minimize investment costs through the use of no-load mutual funds and funds with low annual operating expenses, including index funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
Minimize turnover
Eliminate market timing
Streamline management by consolidating multiple accounts
Access the power of an investment strategy that is in alignment with your financial plans and life goals

Our Wealth Management services also include:
Centralized custody services and low institutional pricing
Access to an expansive universe of stocks, bonds and no-load mutual funds, including North Carolina municipal bonds
Diversification of low cost basis or legacy stock
Fixed income expertise

Financial Planning
As part of the Wealth Management service, you receive on-going, continuous financial planning consultations.

The first step in the financial planning process is to construct your Statement of Financial Condition. This document lists what you own (assets) and what you owe (liabilities).  The difference is your Net Worth.

Just as the Investment Policy Statement provides the road map for investment planning, your Statement of Financial Condition serves as the driving force behind financial planning recommendations.

By meeting with you on a regular basis throughout the year, we integrate the investment component of your financial life with other important financial planning issues, such as:
Cash flow analysis
Insurance and risk management
Annual tax planning
Retirement planning
Funding education for children, grandchildren, or other family members
Managing Minimum Required Distributions of retirement accounts
Charitable giving
Estate planning

Ideally, we meet at least quarterly to review your financial situation. We are also happy to meet with you on an event-driven basis should something unexpected occur.