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Retirement Planning
Retirement presents unique challenges in financial planning. We understand the circumstances of this important life phase. We are ready to guide clients toward sensible strategies and to help avoid common, and costly, errors.

So that clients may enjoy their retirement, we help them answer
questions such as the following:

Can I afford to retire or should I work a few more years?
Should we keep the house or move to a smaller place?
Should we pay off the mortgage before retirement?
Do I need life insurance after I retire?
What about health care insurance? What does Medicare cover? Do I need supplemental coverage?
What about Social Security benefits? Should I apply for benefits now or defer to a later date?
My employer has offered an early retirement program. Shall I accept or would that be a terrible mistake?
What is a variable annuity? Is it the right investment for me?
At retirement, should I take a lump sum pension payment or an annuity? Should I choose the single life and survivor, or term certain annuity? What are the risks?
How much can I spend in retirement so I don't run out of money?
Should I sell investments or take IRA distributions to meet my income needs in retirement?
Should I make changes to my investment portfolio because I plan to retire?
Should I exercise my stock options before retirement?
If I gift money to my children now, will I regret it later?
Will we owe estate taxes? How can we maximize the amount of money our children will inherit?