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Investment Advisory Services
These services are best suited for those who wish to manage their own investments and desire access to our guidance and professional advice on an hourly basis. This is a good choice for beginning investors, those who may have received a sudden inheritance or newly divorced individuals who need objective investment advice.

Understanding your choices
Thousands of products are currently available to the investing public, a trend that has made things more confusing for consumers. Sorting out the terms, usefulness, risks, and potential rewards has become an overwhelming task. Woodward Financial Advisors can help you.

Specializing in portfolio analysis and investment strategy development
We find that clients bring a mixture of many different investments to us, wondering if they are properly managing the various accounts. You might have some combination of the following investment products:

• Stock and bond portfolios
• Variable annuities
• Employer retirement plans such as 403(b) and 401(k)
• Self-employed retirement plans
• Stock options
• Employer stock

We are one of the few planning firms that will take the time to analyze all of your investments and develop a coherent strategy for you.

Portfolio Analysis and Design
Investment management starts with your personal financial situation and develops in a 3-stage process: analysis, investment theory, and portfolio design.


• What do you own now?
• Do you have adequate cash reserves?
• Do you implement and monitor a conscious investment plan?
• What is your attitude about equity investing under volatile conditions?
• Does your current mix of assets work together?
• Are you broadly diversified?

Investment history
We use independently developed statistical analysis to review long-term investment history with you. This step enhances your general knowledge and brings clarity to the investment process.

Portfolio design
We work with you to choose an appropriate mix of assets, a process called portfolio design. With a portfolio design intentionally chosen for your critical needs, you will have a long-term plan in place. You may implement the recommendations on your own, at your own pace, or you can ask us to do it for you. Many of our clients ask us to manage their investments for them.

Clients frequently ask these investment questions:
Is my portfolio right for me?
I have 22 mutual funds, so I'm well diversified. Right?
We have so many investment buckets - his 401k, her 401k, his IRA, her Rollover IRA, our joint taxable account - can you develop a cohesive investment strategy for us?
There are so many investment products to choose from. How do I know what's best for me?
Is my portfolio in line with my cash flow needs for the next 5 years?
Financial magazines and books offer so much information that I don't know what to do next. Can you give me specific advice?
I inherited this portfolio. What should I do with it?
Do I have too much employer stock? If so, what can I do about it?
Where's the best place for me to invest my extra cash?
My broker is trying to convince me I need a SMA. Do I? How is that different from your investment design work?
I have a lot of stock options. Now what?
Do I need a variable annuity?
I'm self-employed. What are my retirement savings options and which one is best for my situation?

A reminder: We serve clients only as their investment advisor. We are neither broker-dealers nor commissioned sales representatives. We do not accept sales commissions nor recommend commission products to clients.