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Estate Planning
If you think estate planning is only for the wealthy, think again! The advantage of having a plan is that it allows you to control your legacy, regardless of your income or the size of your assets.

If you do nothing about planning, then your estate will be distributed according to your state's laws. Needless to say, you may have different notions than the state about the proper distribution of your property.

Thoughtful planning is a generous gift to your survivors - they will not have worry about how to do the right thing.

We refer clients to estate planning attorneys once we have conducted the estate planning review. If you already have your own attorney, we will work with your chosen representative to insure that your estate planning needs coordinate with your entire financial picture.

Questions that clients frequently ask us are:
• Why do I need a Will if all our assets are jointly owned?
• Why do I need a Will if I don't have children?
• Should my Estate be the beneficiary of my IRA?
• What's the best way to make a contribution to a charity?
• How can we make sure that the surviving spouse has enough income?
• Should I gift assets to my children (grandchildren) now or later?
• Should I name my brother as my Executor? Or a bank? Or both?
• Will my assets be subject to Federal or State taxes at death?
• What is probate and how does it work?
• My attorney recommended a "living will." What does that mean?
• Where should I/we keep important documents?
• Will my children fight over my estate?
• If I remarry, how can I make sure that only my children inherit?
• What is a Power of Attorney and how does it work? Should I have one?
• What is an Advance Directive and how does it work? Do I need one?