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Financial Planning
How will I benefit?
What can I expect?
What will it cost?
What are some reasons your clients have sought out a financial planner?
Here are some of the questions people have for us:
I don't know if I am saving enough for retirement.
I just inherited assets from my father's estate. What should I do?
I keep thinking I'll get to attending to my financial life, but I never seem to find the time.
I am not sure if my investments are right for me.
I have never paid attention to this and I have decided to get organized this year.
I'm too busy. I don't have time to do this myself.
My husband died last month and I need help understanding my situation.
What is a variable annuity? Is it the right investment for me?
Lots of people want to sell me life insurance. Do I need it?
I'm thinking about divorce.
We want to set aside enough money to send our children (or grandchildren) to college.
Do we need long term care insurance?
Should I exercise my stock options now?
I'm thinking about marrying again.
We have student loans, a mortgage and two kids. There never seems to be enough money.