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Financial Planning
How will I benefit?
What can I expect?
What will it cost?
What are some reasons your clients have sought out a financial planner?
What can I expect?
Each financial planning engagement begins with a complimentary initial meeting during which we will explain the scope of our services. This will give you an opportunity to find out more about us and help us evaluate your needs and expectations. Prior to this meeting, we ask that you complete our preliminary questionnaire. This will give us a big picture view of your financial situation and overall concerns.

Moving forward
If you decide to work with us, we will then ask you to fill out a more comprehensive questionnaire defining your goals and planning objectives. In addition, we will ask you to provide us with current documentation such as: investment and bank statements, pay stubs, Social Security benefit statements, employee benefit and retirement plan descriptions, insurance summaries, recent income tax returns, and copies of your wills and trusts. We review your information and prepare a thorough analysis of your current financial condition, identifying both the strengths and opportunities.

Developing a plan
After sharing our analysis and recommendations, we'll then work together to develop and implement a financial plan that meets your objectives.

Tracking the plan
After implementing your financial plan, we'll continually revisit it. This allows us to not only assess progress towards your goals, but reshape your plan as your needs and circumstances change.