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Our Core Values
Fee Only
Personal service

Our only form of compensation comes from what our clients pay us for the objective services we provide them. We do not sell investment or insurance products, and we do not accept or pay any referral fees. In addition, we're an independent firm, having no ties to any brokerage or mutual fund firms, or insurance companies. Being fee-only is important to us, and to our clients, because it eliminates any potential conflict of interest that other compensation models can create.
We know, and our clients know, that our advice is objective,
unbiased, and solely in our clients' best interest.

Personal Service
Our starting point is you. We want to know about your goals and dreams, questions and concerns, values and priorities. We know that it's these aspects of your life that shape your financial picture, and ultimately guide us in how we advise you.
We understand that your finances are an important component of your larger life. We work with you to simplify and organize the financial part so you can rest easy and focus on living the rest of your life.
We also recognize that a single aspect of your financial life - such as your investments - cannot be addressed in isolation from the other parts of your financial life - and this is why we take a comprehensive approach to financial planning.

It's what makes our work so personally rewarding, and it's what makes for a complete experience for our clients. Whether it's working internally as a team, or working in collaboration with your estate attorney or accountant, we know that the end result is better for our clients.


We've committed ourselves to obtain and maintain the highest professional standards in our field. Building upon our educational background, we each have varied professional experience and areas of expertise.
It's our collective experience that enables us to bring both an educated and experienced perspective to the advice we give.

Being an independent firm, we determine who we are and how we operate. Our highest commitment is to our client - we are here because we want to help you. We share a collective vision of what it is that best serves you, and thanks to a creative, inquiring professional environment, we're constantly able to keep it that way.
These common threads - our core values - create a workplace we're proud to be a part of. And we wouldn't have it any other way!